111-JB. Developing Java Web Applications
Version 7.0

Classroom Setup Guide

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements (Minimum) Dual-core 1.8 GHz, 4 gig RAM, 10 gig disk space.
Hardware Requirements (Recommended) Dual-core 2.8 GHz, 8 gig RAM, 10 gig disk space.
Operating System Tested on Windows 7/8, Mac OS 10.5.2. Course software should be viable on all systems which support a Java SE 7 Developer's Kit.
Network and Security Limited privileges required -- please see our standard security requirements.
Software Requirements All free downloadable tools.

Setting Up Tools and Environment

Course software will require the following tools to be set up on student and instructor machines. Capstone Courseware provides tool setup instructions on the Web - the URL is given for each required package.

The Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) JDK, version 7:


JBoss Application Server, version 7.1.1:


Crimson text editor, version 3.70:


This course includes support for Eclipse Kepler with the JBoss AS Tools plugin. Follow instructions found at the link below to download and install Eclipse and the server plugin.


Installing Lab Software

Download the lab archive:


For Windows systems, unzip this archive to the c:\ root — or to another location if necessary, but note that other locations will require some adjustment of the lab environment at the beginning of class.

For Mac, Linux, and other UNIX systems, unzip to the student's $HOME directory, or to any preferred location.