111. Developing Java Web Applications
Version 7.0

Delivery Guide

This document provides all necessary information and links to support delivery of training using Course 111, "Developing Java Web Applications," version 7.0. Please rely on this information and documents linked from this page as the latest and most reliable resources.

Especially, we encourage you to double-check the version numbers of all course materials. The most common root cause of problems with training delivery is mismatching of versions: old labs and a new coursebook, or old coursebook but new presentation slides, etc.


If you haven't yet, please place your order for coursebooks with Capstone as the first step in the process. To assure timely delivery of the printed books and to minimize your shipping costs, we recommend placing your order at least one week prior to the first day of training.

Presentation Slides

When you place your order for printed coursebooks, Capstone will provide you with an archive of PDF files which contain the presentation for projection in the classroom. Please help us to protect our intellectual property by closely tracking these PDF files. They are provided for use in the classroom only, and are not for distribution to students or other training participants. Ideally, they are provided to the instructor, who loads them on to his or her machine in the classroom and cleans them up at the end of the class.

Instructor Preparation

Instructors who are teaching this course for the first time will benefit from reading the Instructor's Guide. We recommend that the instructor begin preparing for the class at least a week in advance; that way if he or she encounters any trouble, or has questions, there is time to contact us, get responses, discuss, solve problems, etc. Often, instructors will also want the classroom setup guide mentioned below.

Classroom Setup

Please distribute the Classroom Setup Guide to whomever is responsible for setting up your training room. This document lays out instructions for installing necessary tools and lab software for the course.

Capstone recommends a dedicated training room whenever possible. This establishes a consistent configuration for all students and for the instructor, and avoids much potential confusion during class. However, we recognize that in many cases it is necessary that students individually set up their own laptops and bring them to class. Do distribute the Classroom Setup Guide to all participants as needed; but, in this case, we suggest that you ask all participants to:

  • Use the recommended directory names for installations
  • Pay very close attention to the precise versions of tools and lab software they are asked to install
  • Perform their setups at least a week in advance -- again, this helps identify possible problems while there is time to fix them


Capstone's technical staff are available to answer any questions you may have, and to help solve any problem that does arise in preparing, setting up, and delivering your training. Please call 877-227-2477 or write to support@capcourse.com. When contacting us for support, please have the following information ready:

  • Name of the party that purchased the training materials
  • PO number, or other key information such as class date and location that will help us identify your order
  • Course number and version