Capstone People: Ken Kousen

Picture of Ken Kousen

Ken Kousen is a technical trainer and consultant for Kousen IT, Inc. Over the past decade he has taught courses in all areas of Java and XML, ranging from basic Object Oriented Concepts to Enterprise JavaBeans to XSLT to Web Services. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified Web Component Developer, Sun Certified Business Component Developer, an IBM Certified Enterprise Developer for WebSphere, and an Altova Certified XML Spy Engineer.

Dr. Kousen has extensive academic experience as well, with an MA and Ph.D. from Princeton, an MS from R.P.I., and two BS degrees from M.I.T. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Rensselaer at Hartford.

He is thrilled to be working with Will Provost, for whom he has great admiration and respect, despite the fact that his Java code puts attributes at the bottom and he doesn't follow the proper conventions for curly braces.