Capstone People: Bob Oberg

Picture of Bob Oberg

Bob Oberg is the author of Capstone's Course 102, Introduction to Java Programming, and a contributor to several other courses. He is also the President of Object Innovations, a courseware company specializing in .NET and other Microsoft technologies.

Bob taught Mathematics at Knox College, Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Pennsylvania, and Computer Science at Framingham State College, serving as Chairman of the Computer Science Department.

Since 1982 he has worked in the computer industry. At Prime Computer he worked as a software engineer for the CPU Group, including projects such as the development of a pipeline simulator for a high-end CPU. At Wang Laboratories he did client/server work for the Imaging Group and was a member of a team developing an object management system. While at Wang, as a side project, he wrote a course in object-oriented C++ programming.

In 1993 he started Object Innovations, which develops courseware on object-oriented technologies, such as C++, MFC, OLE, ActiveX, COM/DCOM/COM+, Java and .NET. He is series editor for The Integrated .NET Series from Object Innovations and Prentice Hall PTR.