Capstone People: Will Provost

Picture of Will Provost

Will Provost is an independent consultant in software architecture and design, and President of Capstone Courseware. He is the chief author and editor of Capstone's Java, Java EE, and XML curricula, and an active instructor in Java and XML topics.

Will's career in the software industry began, naturally, with a degree in something unrelated — biophysics, as it happened — from Harvard College. Further straining the probability curves, he spent his first few post-graduate years immersed in songwriting and musical performance. He rediscovered his inner geek in the early 1990's, and began working with C++, and eventually with Microsoft's DCOM.

He began working with Java in 1996: his first project was actually a Java-1.0 code generator for a CASE tool. DCOM gave way to CORBA, and he has designed and built Java implementations of several CORBA services for various clients. And, on we all rushed -- to SOAP and WSDL, and then to REST -- and so Will's head gradually filled with all things that started with the letters J-A-X.

Will has since built many Java EE applications, web services, and XML content management systems as a consultant to software, healthcare, financial and IT companies. These engagements have brought him to other fields including mobile applications, data modeling and management, and software security of various stripes.

Will began teaching Java topics at Sun Microsystems in 1997 and since then has been writing educational materials and teaching in topics in Java, Java EE, web services, and the Java enterprise generally. He founded Capstone Courseware in 2006, and enjoys the resulting mix of pure R&D and practical field work. Oh, and he hasn't quite put the guitar in the storage room yet, either.