Capstone People: Edward Rayl

Picture of Edward Rayl

Edward Rayl is an independent consultant in software architecture and design. Most recently he has published Capstone's Course 161 on JPA 2, following his earlier work on JDBC.

Edward began his software career by developing photographic color analysis software in assembler. He went on to a long-standing career in the text indexing and retrieval industry, working with different architectural frameworks in such languages as assembler, C and C++. This took him to all reaches of the world, including a few months in Australia. He was brought to NBC by Oracle Corp in 1994 to help build a multimedia system; he then joined Oracle Corporation as an employee.

Early in his tenure he wrote Oracle's first database-embedded HTML parser, in C. He went on to design training for many of Oracle's new technologies, and to deliver that training. Later he taught Java and Java EE courses at Oracle University for several years. Today he works in the field of complex events processing using TIBCO technologies.

His corporate training Java technologies experience includes Java Persistence API (JPA), Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Servlets, JavaServer Faces (JSF), JDBC, and Java programming. His web technologies experience includes HTML, CSS, XML, and XML Schema.

If he had any spare time he would be a ski bum when not building cool things for his wife in his woodworking shop.