Java EE Curriculum Guide

This curriculum covers technology specified in the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, including Java Servlets, JSP, JSF, JMS, and EJB. All courses are available in primary forms that run using the appropriate reference implementations: for web technology this is the Tomcat web container, and for JMS and EJB it is the Java EE SDK and GlassFish.

We also offer vendor-specific versions of the courses listed here, supporting popular Java EE products such as Tomcat, GlassFish, JBoss, and WebLogic. For more details, and to find a desired server-specific version of a course, see our server-support matrix.

For courses on the Java language (knowledge of which is a prerequisite for most of this curriculum), see the Java Curriculum Guide.

J2EE Web services include both Java and XML topics and are found in the XML Curriculum Guide.

We also offer courses in some of the most popular open-source application frameworks, including Struts, Spring, Hibernate, and various Ajax application frameworks. These are found in our Frameworks Curriculum Guide.

For many of its courses, Capstone offers optional "overlays" of files that support use of the Eclipse IDE in the classroom. See "Using Capstone's Eclipse Overlays" for an overview of this feature.

Look for the in the following diagrams.

J2EE: Courses and Paths

J2EE Curriculum
108 Overview of Java EE Development 5.0.1 1 day $50
109 JavaServer Pages 2.0.2 4 days $200
110 Java Servlets 2.4.3 2 days $100
111 Developing Java Web Applications 7.0 5 days $250
112 Introduction to JSP 2.0.2 2 days $100
113 The JSP Standard Tag Library 1.1 2 days $100
115 JavaServer Faces 2.0 5 days $250
120 The Java Message Service 1.2 1 day $50
121 Securing Java Web Applications 7.0 4 days $200
122 Secure Java Web Development 7.0 5 days $250
161 The Java Persistence API 2.1 5 days $250
161-HB JPA with Hibernate 2.1 5 days $250
162 Java EE Persistence 2.1 4 days $200
162-JB Java EE Persistence with Hibernate 2.1 4 days $200
163 Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0.2 5 days $250