Java Programming Curriculum Guide

In this area we offer courses in Java SE (standard edition) programming. For Java EE courseware see the Java EE Curriculum Guide, and also note that several courses on Java, XML and Web services are found in the XML Curriculum Guide.

These are the skills that are fundamental to all other Java development pursuits. We offer two main starting points:

  • For experienced programmers of C, C++, C#, and other Java-like languages, Course 103, "Java Programming," provides thorough training in Java, including structured and object-oriented concepts and techniques, and including key features of the Core API such as collections and streams.
  • For those less experienced programmers, or for people with experience in languages that are not much like Java -- e.g. COBOL, PL/SQL, scripting languages -- we provide a combination of courses: Course 102, "Introduction to Java," provides a more gradual introduction to Java, and in combination with Course 104, "Intermediate Java Programming," assures that students learn the same complete set of skills and APIs as those who've taken Course 103.

From this basis -- either 103 or 102+104 -- students can proceed to advanced Java by way of Course 106 or design patterns with Course 192, consider secure development practice in Course 107, or move to other areas of the curriculum.