January 25, 2005

Java 5.0 Programming Course Now Available

Capstone Courseware today announces a major revision to its flagship course in Java programming, re-oriented to Java 5.0. The Java community is enjoying the most significant enhancements to the language and Core API since the Java 2 platform was established years ago. OI's Course 103 not only keeps pace with these changes, but embraces the new techniques and best practices made possible by new language features.

The "Tiger" release of the Java language emphasizes ease of use and improved type safety. Course 103 adopts these same themes, with thorough coverage of new features including:

  • Native enumerations
  • Generics
  • Typesafe Collections API
  • Auto-boxing (conversion between primitives and wrapper objects)
  • Simplified "for-each" loop
  • Variable-length parameter lists
  • Formatted string and stream output

In the process, the course has been refocused on developing a solid base of good coding practices for programmers new to the Java language. To this end we've added new sections on the J2SE logging API and automated testing with JUnit. (To make room in a very packed week of training, we have removed chapters on threading and reflection; look for these in an upcoming release of our advanced Java course, where they seem to belong more naturally.)

Also note that OI will continue to offer revision 1.4.2 of the course for those audiences that are not yet moving to Java 5.0. Stay tuned, too, for similar updates to Course 102, "Introduction to Java," as well as a shorter skills-upgrade course intended for experienced Java programmers who want to ramp up quickly on the new language features.