March 16, 2005

New JDBC Programming Course from Capstone Courseware

Capstone Courseware today released a new course in Java database programming. TCourse 168, "JDBC Programming," has been built from scratch to replace Capstone's earlier JDBC offering, and provides an excellent one-day introduction to building Java database applications: from SQL and JDBC basics through proper error handling to intermediate techniques such as batch processing and rowsets.

The new course also includes support for several popular relational database products:

  • Apache Derby, which is bundled with the course software and acts as the default RDBMS
  • MySQL, version 4.1
  • Oracle, version 9i or 10g

A GUI-based classroom configuration tool is also included with the lab software, to simplify database setup, to help diagnose common problems, and to facilitate cross-testing the examples with multiple RDBMS products if desired.

With this course, Capstone is also kicking off an effort to provide Eclipse support for its Java curriculum. An optional package of workspace and project files is available to support use of Eclipse 3.0.1 in the classroom. Look for Capstone to roll out similar "Eclipse overlay" packages for all its Java products in the near future.