May 10, 2005

New Advanced Java Course from Capstone Courseware

Capstone Courseware today releases its Course 106, "Advanced Java Programming." Students with solid intermediate Java experience -- especially those who've completed Capstone's flagship Java programming Course 103 -- will find a bounty of new knowledge and skills here, from multi-threading and sockets coding to GUI development with JFC and database programming with JDBC.

The course also goes beyond the ordinary practice of simply gathering together a handful of advanced topics. Rather, the course challenges students to consider the issues of multi-tier architecture, and presents most of its topics according to this theme. Thus, after an initial module including fundamentals such as threading and object serialization, the course proceeds from "front to back," addressing the needs of presentation, business, and persistence tiers from the J2SE perspective:

'Three tiers for J2SE!'

Though J2EE is the better-known and more powerful platform for multi-tier development, this course shows students that J2SE is fully capable of supporting enterprise applications, especially where the complexity of J2EE development is seen as a problem. And of course JFC, RMI, and JDBC are useful for other purposes; through this course, students get excellent exposure to all three.

With this release, Capstone completes its reorganized Java curriculum, which offers different multi-week tracks for students of various backgrounds. Students can enter this course from OI's own intermediate materials or from their own Java experience or other training.