August 12, 2005

Capstone Updates JDBC Courseware

Capstone Courseware announced updates to its JDBC Course 168, resulting in two new releases. The new 5.0 release includes

  • Support for the Java 5.0 developer's kit, which brings the course into alignment with OI's other Java-5.0 offerings, such as "Introduction to Java Programming" and "Java Programming".
  • With the move to Java 5.0 the labs are also revised to take advantage of native support for RowSets in the JRE.
  • In addition to Apache Derby, MySQL, and Oracle, the course now offers built-in support for PostgreSQL 8.0 for Windows.

A new revision revision 4.5.1 also adds PostgreSQL to its set of supported RDBMS products, and continues to target the Java 1.4.2 SDK as a classroom environment.

The 5.0 material will also be incorporated into the Java-5.0 revision of Course 106, "Advanced Java Programming," which is due for release later this month.