November 21, 2005

Advanced Java Updated; Full Java-5.0 Curriculum Available

Capstone Courseware completes its transition to full support for Java 5.0 with a new revision of Course 106, "Advanced Java Programming." In addition to comprehensive updates of all materials to the 5.0 Java language and tools, the redesigned course adds in-depth treatment of Java generics, a new chapter on annotations, and a new J2SE case study application that showcases JFC, RMI, and JDBC for multi-tier development.

Multi-Tier Java

A new module summarizes the case study, provides additional challenge labs, highlights design patterns, and puts individual topics from the rest of the course in the context of a working multi-tier application, complete with relational database and sophisticated graphical user interface.

Capstone Courseware offers a complete training program in Java programming, from introductory topics to the advanced material in Course 106; with this release, students can pursue this training for either Java 1.4 or Java 5.0 -- and remember that all these courses enjoy optional support for Eclipse:

Java Core Training