December 14, 2005

New Java Patterns Course

Capstone Courseware today releases a new course on design patterns and their use in developing Java software. Course 192, "Design Patterns in Java Software," teaches experienced Java programmers how to recognize patterns in a variety of design problems; how to apply those patterns to create robust solutions, and how to implement their pattern-aware designs.

Rather than applying routine coverage to every "Gang of Four" design pattern, Course 192 takes an unbalanced approach, focusing on certain key patterns with extensive discussions, group design exercises, and coding labs. Then, the course covers many other design patterns to varying depth, including 13 of the GoF patterns, plus Model/View/Controller and several J2EE patterns. By going deep on a few patterns, instructors can get students to "think in patterns," which is arguably the most important skill; and students are exposed to a great variety of the most important patterns for standard or enterprise-level Java development.

Sample UML

The course makes extensive use of UML class and interface diagrams, and helps to reinforce good object-oriented practice. It offers an excellent progression from Course 103, "Java Programming." Examples are plentiful and include both UML and javadoc-based HTML documentation.