December 14, 2005

Capstone Releases "Overview of J2EE Development"

Capstone Courseware today releases a new seminar-style course entitled, "Overview of J2EE Development." A departure from Capstone's traditional, developer-focused courseware, this course is intended primarily for non-programmers. In fact there are three target audiences:

  • Non-programmers of various backgrounds who want to become conversant in J2EE terminology and concepts -- this includes analysts, project managers, technical writers, and sales staff
  • Developers who are moving to J2EE from other programming languages and platforms -- for instance C++ or .NET development teams
  • Experienced Java programmers who need to see the big J2EE picture before proceeding to other, more technical Capstone courses such as servlets, JSP, EJB, or Web services

These audiences all need more than a summary, connect-the-dots approach that merely defines various buzzwords and acronyms. "Overview of J2EE Development" goes well beyond basic terminology, to spotlight the key concepts of the J2EE architecture. Participants learn the importance of the J2EE container and how it puts an application server in the position of implementing enterprise features on behalf of Java components:

Three Containers

Working examples of Web, EJB, and Web-service applications allow the instructor to illustrate the details of J2EE development, deployment, and administration to whatever depth the participants desire.