January 31, 2006

Capstone Releases New Course in XSLFO

Capstone Courseware today releases a new course in eXtensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects, or XSLFO. XSLFO has many potential applications, but its current buzz is mostly about presenting XML data on the printed page. Course 518 offers a one-day introduction to this fascinating technology, and hands-on exercises in creating PDF documents from XML data files.

Using Apache FOP, students apply XSLT and XSLFO to build simple systems that carry structured data in XML into the FO vocabulary, and from there to screen previews or finished PDFs.

Information flow from XML to FO to PDF

XSLFO, along with XSLT, promises to facilitate XML content management to a point at which it is a sensible choice for larger organizations. XML-powered websites are nothing new, but with FO companies are now realizing the potential to multiplex their XML data to the web and to printed forms, suiting various customer needs while preserving normalized data structures and avoiding duplication of presentation logic. Course 518 on XSLFO is therefore an excellent fit with our XSLT courseware. To bring these important topics together, Capstone is also releasing Course 511, "XML for the Enterprise," which offers a complete treatment of XML, XSLT, XSLFO, and XML Schema.