October 26, 2006

Spring Training!

Capstone Courseware proudly presents a new course in the Spring framework for Java EE applications. Course 117, "The Spring Framework," shows experienced Java programmers

  • How to use Spring's lightweight container to power ordinary JavaBeans with features that are traditionally reserved for servlets, EJBs, and other "first-class" Java EE components
  • How to build web applications that harness the Spring MVC system to route requests to controllers and view of their own design, without wasting effort re-inventing the request-handling wheel:
Spring MVC

The course highlights Spring's attention to known best practices and design patterns. Especially, Spring's container breathes new life into the Strategy and Template Method patterns, since specific delegates and subclasses can so easily be declared at runtime. Of course, J2EE patterns such as Intercepting Filter and Data Access Object are not neglected, either. The course concludes with a look at the Spring persistence framework, including JDBC DAOs and transaction management.

"The Spring Framework" provides an excellent jump-start for any Java developer interested in powering applications with this popular framework. It will also pair up nicely with Capstone's upcoming course on Hibernate: look for this in just a few weeks.