November 21, 2006

New Course on Hibernate 3.2

The Java development community has long sought a truly robust, scalable, and maintainable persistence solution. After many near misses, Hibernate is looking like the answer. Capstone Courseware is pleased to announce the release of its new Course 118, "Java Persistence with Hibernate." This highly focused, two-day course shows experienced Java developers how to put Hibernate to work immediately as a persistence engine for their domain models.

With this release, Capstone also welcomes author Ken Kousen of Kousen IT. Ken has deep experience with Java development, and has found Hibernate to be an elegant, not to say perfect, solution for the persistence tier.

He also notes that the market for Hibernate training may be ripening. "Hibernate, as an open source project, is actively growing and changing. Its merger with the EJB and JPA specifications may slow that process a bit, so we may have entered a period of relative stability for the API."

"Java Persistence with Hibernate" also pairs up very nicely with Capstone's Course 117, "The Spring Framework." These two frameworks compliment each other well, and Courses 117 and 118 provide for an excellent week of practical Java EE training.