December 11, 2006

Unit on Java Messaging Available

To compliment it's existing offerings in servlets, JSP, EJB, and other Java EE technology, Capstone Courseware today releases a one-day course in the use of the Java Message Service. Course 120, "The Java Message Service," provides a straightforward introduction to asynchronous messaging using JMS, with a focus on simple, practical solutions using JMS queues. Students learn the key reliability features of JMS, including message acknowledgement modes, redelivery, and messaging transactions.

J2EE Curriculum

"The Java Message Service" is designed to integrate neatly with our other Java EE courseware, especially Course 163 on Enterprise JavaBeans (which includes treatment of message-driven beans, or MDBs), and Java web-service Courses 561 and 570 (which illustrate means of integrating JMS with SOAP messaging).

Course 120 is available for immediate shipping.