January 24, 2007

New Course in Java Web-Service Security

Over the last few years, it's become clear that while SOAP, web services, and SOA all promise great things, large segments of the software industry will engage fully in this area only when they can be assured of strong security features in the services they build and use. SOAs are outgrowing the ability of one-size-fits-all, HTTPS-based solutions, and message-level approaches such as WS-Security are starting to take center stage.

New from Capstone Courseware, Course 562, "Securing Java Web Services," introduces the emerging standards for message-level security, and shows how to integrate them into existing service-oriented systems:

"Securing Java Web Services" picks up where Capstone's popular Course 561, "Developing Java Web Services," leaves off: we use XML signature and encryption, username tokens, timestamps, and SAML to provide security to existing JAX-RPC web services:

Message-level security

Experienced Java and web-services developers will find this a challenging and eye-opening training.