April 7, 2007

Extended and Focused Variants of Spring Courseware

Responding to feedback from clients and instructors, Capstone today releases two new variants on its popular Course 117 on the Spring Framework. Both new products are designed to provide a more gradual learning experience, with additional examples, demos, and lab exercises, especially in the earlier parts of the courses.

  • Course 117A provides four days of training, while covering the same scope of Spring technology as the original courseware.
  • Course 117B retains a three-day timeline but cuts coverage of the web module ("Spring MVC") in favor of more time spent on the Core module -- meaning the IoC container, dependency injection, and validation. Web applications and persistence support are covered in a single chapter each on the final day.

The original course remains available, and in fact was just recently updated itself. The following table provides a side-by-side comparison of the three current variants of our Spring courseware:

Course 117 117A 117B
Length 3 days 4 days 3 days
Overview 1 1 1
IoC Container 2 2 2
Dependency Injection 3 3 3
Validation 3 4 4
The Web Module 4 5 5
Customizing Spring MVC 4 6
Controllers and Commands 5 7
Web Binding and Validation 6 8
Form Controllers 6 9
Refining Request Handling 7 10
Persistence 8 11 6
Eclipse WTP Support Yes Yes Yes

Capstone would like to thank those training companies and instructors who have been so helpful in providing us with detailed and thoughtful feedback on our courseware; we hope to continue to be responsive to your needs by tuning our products to make them most effective in the classroom.