April 26, 2007

Capstone Releases New EJB3 Course

Once derided as overly complex, the Enterprise JavaBeans standard for developing business and persistence objects has come into its own with the 3.0 revision. EJB3 represents an overhaul of the development approach to session beans and persistent entities, especially in that it takes advantage of Java-5 annotatations to make coding EJBs remarkably easy.

The industry now seems to be waking up to the potential of this reinvigorated technology, and Capstone is pleased to announce the 3.0 release of its Course 162, "Introduction to EJB." This too is an overhaul, built from scratch to teach the new techniques involved in EJB3 development:

  • Simplified session-bean implementation
  • Persistence and ORM annotations
  • Dependency injection
  • Simplified context lookups for JNDI

"Introduction to EJB" can be taught on a two- or three-day timeline, and makes a great pairing with our Course 115, "JavaServer Faces," for a full week of study on the two most popular technologies in Java EE 5.0. (We've also released a bridge unit that caps off either or both courses by showing how to use EJBs or JPA entities from JSF applications.)