April 26, 2007

Bridge Units Show Practical Integrations

Capstone Courseware today releases two new "bridge units" designed to improve the learning experience for students of its courses in Spring, Hibernate, JSF, and EJB3. Those individual courses cover individual frameworks or standards; but these tools are often used in pairs, and these bridge presentations illustrate how to work with more than one technology at a time:

  • A unit on Spring and Hibernate offers examples of using the Spring IoC container and AOP transactions to manage Hibernate DAOs. This is an excellent "final act" for a class on Spring, Hibernate, or both.
  • Another on JSF and EJB3 shows how to inject EJB references into JSF managed beans, and how to use JPA entities directly from JSF. This is a great way to conclude a JSF or EJB training, and is especially strong when Courses 115 and 162 are combined for a one-week class.

These bridge units are freely available in Capstone's technical library. They take the form of presentation PDFs (in Capstone's usual chapter format) and simple lab installers.

If you're already familiar with one or more of the aforementioned courses, we've also updated the outlines and instructor's guides for these courses, so you'll know where to find these bridge units when you need them. We look forward to your feedback on this new courseware feature, and hope to do more of these bridge units in the future. Suggestions are welcome!