July 5, 2007

Struts Course Updated

Capstone Courseware today releases a major update to its course on the Apache Struts web framework. Course 114, "The Struts Framework," now teaches Struts version 1.3. This means all course discussions and software align with the latest Struts-1 GA release -- Struts 1.3.8 -- and that the course covers several new Struts features:

  • Wildcards and extensions in Struts configuration
  • The ComposableRequestProcessor and configurable command chains
  • Enhancements to the Struts Validator

The course is also streamlined to focus on some of the most valuable development techniques. This means action mappings, form beans, custom tags, validation, and other topics that have been in the course for years -- but also some new tricks:

  • Form-based and mapping-based validation
  • Managing indexed properties for tabular input/output forms
  • Using role-based security to control access to Struts actions
  • Using LookupDispatchAction to support multi-button forms

The course also sports the first of our Eclipse WTP 2.0 overlays, allowing straightforward lab work within the Eclipse IDE, automatic deployment to Tomcat 6, and even integrated debugging of Struts web applications.

Capstone also looks forward to the fall 2007 release of another major revision which will cover Struts 2.0.