December 11, 2007

Full-Week Course on JSF and Ajax

With its latest release, Capstone Courseware expand its offerings on the increasingly popular JavaServer Faces technology. Course 115A provides a full week of training on JSF, from the basics to advanced techniques including custom components, delivering JavaScript, and Ajax applications.

The course begins with a three-day module that is equivalent to the content of Course 115. Then, the new second module focuses on custom components -- using them, developing them, and integrating component libraries into one's own applications. In the process we work with some of the most widely adopted tools for JSF applications, including Tomahawk, Direct Web Remoting, and RichFaces. Demand for Ajax features continues to grow, and both DWR and RichFaces offer attractive solutions for the JSF developer, supporting RMI-like invocation of JSF managed beans, and nearly automatic "re-rendering" of the resident HTML page:

Ajax application

Course 115A ships immediately; please also note that the original Course 115 is still available and has undergone a maintenance update to version 1.2.3.