September 30, 2008

Java EE Overview Course Updated

Course 108, Overview of Java EE Development, from Capstone Courseware, has been updated and expanded to cover the broader sweep of Java Enterprise Platform, Edition 5. All discussion and working code has been updated to the Java EE 5 SDK, and the course now covers many new topics, with working demonstrations of each:

  • Java-5 source-code annotations
  • JavaServer Faces, or JSF
  • Dependency injection features in Java EE
  • Enterprise JavaBeans 3, or EJB3
  • The Java Persistence API, or JPA
  • The Java Message Service, or JMS
  • Various APIs for Java web services, including JAX-WS and JAXB 2
  • Ajax development for the Java EE environment

For those unfamiliar with the course, Overview of Java EE Development gives developers and non-developers a one-day tour of Java EE, with the goal of developing familiarity with key concepts (such as EE containers, and component metadata) and technology, and a working vocabulary for discussing and understanding the workings of Java-EE applications.

The course was originally designed as a stand-alone seminar, often presented to managers, analysts, technical writers, and other staff to help them work more effectively with Java EE developers. It has since proven to be a compelling way to begin a longer developer training in specific Java-EE technology, as well -- providing the big picture before more traditional developer training zooms in on specific APIs and patterns.

Capstone continues to offer the prior version of the course: Overview of J2EE Development, which focuses on the J2EE 1.4 platform.