January 6, 2009

New and Updated MIDP, JDBC, XML, and Advanced Java Courseware

Capstone has completed several course updates, bringing some existing courses along to Java 6, and today also announces a new course on Java ME programming.

The new course is Course 180, "Java Wireless Programming," which shows experienced Java programmers how to write applications for cellphones, PDAs, pagers, and other small, mobile devices according to the Java ME platform and the Mobile Information Device Profile, or MIDP. It covers MIDP 2.1 and puts the participant in position immediately to develop useful micro applications or "MIDlets."

Course 168, "JDBC," is updated to Java 6 and JDBC 4.0. We've also updated the supported databases to include Oracle 11g, Derby 10.4, and PostgreSQL 8.3.

Course 542, "XML Programming Using Java," is also updated to Java 6 and JAXP 1.4. This brings two corollary benefits: we now cover XPath addressing within JAXP; and we cover JAXB 2 in a new third module of the course. JAXB 2 is especially potent and should be a key API for Java/XML applications going forward.

Finally, our Advanced Java course, number 106, has been updated to Java 6. In the process, we've stripped it down to a simple two-day course. In the past this course has occupied a full week and has aggregated other courses and modules. We've found that "advanced Java" can mean so many different things that it's ultimately pointless to attempt to define a single combination of topics for this purpose. Instead, we'll offer this pared-down Course 106 and encourage customers to combine it with other advanced-Java topics such as those found in our courses on Java security, JDBC, design patterns, and our overview of Java EE.