February 12, 2009

New WebLogic Curriculum

We're proud to announce today a complete new curriculum on Java EE development using the Oracle® WebLogic server. For a long time we've heard that some customers really want to use WebLogic in the classroom, so that as much of their training experience as possible will carry over to their work after class.

Well, we're happy to oblige! Our new WebLogic curriculum provides 21 full days' worth of materials on key Java EE technologies:

Curriculum diagram

Each course in the new curriculum has been ported and thoroughly tested against WebLogic 10.3. We didn't want to do this until and unless we could do it well; and the underlying good news here is that WebLogic 10 implements Java EE almost perfectly. So the courses are still standards-based, and still keep an eye on portability concerns. But we also discuss server-specific descriptors and other practical matters, aiming to put students in the best possible position to be productive immediately after training.

All of the courses listed above are available now. And we plan to extend this tool-specific initiative to other servers as well -- so keep an eye out for courses using JBoss 5, coming soon!

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