October 20, 2009

New EJB3 Course Using JBoss® 5.1

Capstone today releases Course 163-JB, "EJB on JBoss®" -- a variant of our primary EJB course that has been adapted and thoroughly tested on the latest releases of the JBoss application server and Hibernate® ORM. Our EJB courseware is now available in three forms, supporting JBoss, WebLogic, and GlassFish.

This marks the beginning of our rollout of a complete curriculum supporting the JBoss server, which will eventually include JBoss versions of courseware on servlets, JSP, JSF, JMS, web services, and more. We aim to better support those customers and students who have already made a choice of server platform and would like their classroom work to be as closely aligned with their actual development work as possible.

With this release, we are also taking the opportunity to update and improve our level of IDE support. The course sports an overlay of workspace and project files for Eclipse Galileo. Eclipse WTP and related plugins impose many constraints on project and file structure for EJB and Java EE applications, and in past releases of the EJB courseware we've had to retreat to the simplicity of what we call a "code-and-compile" workspace -- that is, one without integrated server management, testing, and debugging.

For this release we've taken some extra time to build a system of multiple projects (web, EJB, EAR, etc.) that adapt Eclipse's expectations to our own project structure. We've also raised significantly the level of Eclipse-specific testing that we do prior to release. Now -- while those who prefer to use no IDE can continue to work with the Ant-based lab software -- we think Eclipse users will be very pleased with the level of in-class productivity they see from our new product.

Course 163-JB is available immediately; watch for additional "-JB" releases in the near future.

"JBoss" and "Hibernate" are registered trademarks of Red Hat, Inc. No association with or endorsement by Red Hat is implied by the use of these terms in this document.