November 5, 2009

Java EE Curriculum on "Update 7"

With today's release of an updated JMS course, Capstone has completed a string of maintenance revisions to bring its entire Java EE curriculum in line with the latest available tools. Our EJB course was updated last week, so that all courseware that requires a full application server now runs happily on the Java EE 5 SDK, Update 7, which includes GlassFish 2.1 as the application server. Updated courses are:

The new JMS course meshes nicely in customized settings with EJB, web services, and other Capstone materials, and we continue to assure that custom solutions will be as seamless as possible.

Curriculum Diagram

With this release we've also upgraded the Eclipse support. JMS client projects now run directly from the IDE, as Java SE standalone applications, using remote JNDI connections to JMS resources. This makes lab development a much more satisfying process.