December 1, 2009

Migrating to Java 6

Capstone has released a two-day course on Migrating to Java 6 that gets experienced Java-1.4 developers up to speed with the new language features and capabilities of Java 5 and Java 6. Students leave with solid working knowledge of new ease-of-use features, generics, annotations, and more.

The course is organized into two modules, each of which describes the "delta" between two successive major releases of Java SE. So developers can jump on and off as appropriate for their starting and desired ending versions:

Entry and Exit Points

The course cross-customizes nicely with our Advanced Java course, for developers who might also want to add things like threading, Reflection and sockets programming to their toolbox. And it makes a nice pairing with our one-day Overview of Java EE Development, so that participants get a comprehensive look at the complete state of the art in Java SE and EE development.