January 21, 2010

New Courses on JSF and ICEfaces

Capstone today releases two new course titles to support training on the ICEfaces JSF component library. ICEfaces realizes the vision of the extensible JSF component framework with a wide array of rich-UI components, Ajax capabilities, and user-experience features.

Our primary offering is the four-day Course 211A, JSF Development with ICEfaces, which includes basic-to-intermediate JSF topics and then presents ICEfaces itself. For those already well versed in JSF, the latter module is available as a fast-paced one-day course, Course 211, Introduction to ICEfaces.

Both courses go heavy on practical examples and hands-on coding exercises, in the case of 211A building gradually from JSF basics through managed beans, controllers, converters and validators, Ajax, and on to the more impressive component options in ICEfaces. By the end, students are building sophisticated user interfaces with Ajax (pull and push), intelligent tables, tab layouts, popup calendars, modal dialogs, and even data charts, all bound of course to managed beans on the server side via the ICEfaces Ajax Bridge.