August 23, 2010

JavaServer Faces 2.0 Course Now Available

115 Coursebook

We're happy to announce the release of Course 115, JavaServer Faces, completely updated for JSF 2.0. This major revision to the JSF specification, which is a major part of Java EE 6, brings a much broader feature set. And the new course covers just about all of it! but here are a few highlights:

  • Facelets, which is now the standard and preferred view definition language
  • Support for HTTP GET and view parameters
  • Composite components
  • Ajax support, both via the new <f:ajax> tag and a standard JavaScript API

As usual, the course is loaded with hands-on exercises, from simple proofs of JSF concepts to multi-step case studies. Exercises also show interactions between JSF 2.0 and other Java EE 6 standards such as JPA 2.0 and JSR-303, known as "Bean Validation."

Course 115 is available immediately. We'll also be releasing a shorter course for JSF-1.x developers, focused on migrating to JSF 2.0; watch for this in the coming weeks.