January 31, 2011

Updated and Expanded Web Services Offerings

With today's release of an updated Course 561, "Developing SOAP Web Services in Java," and an entirely new Course 564, "Developing Java Web Services," Capstone completes a wave of enhancements and an overall expansion of its web-services curriculum. Course 561 has long been our flagship JWS course, and with this update to JAX-WS 2.2, Java EE 6, and GlassFish 3.0.1, it enjoys a number of significant improvements -- we have:

  • Rearranged projects to be more Eclipse-friendly, so that now the accompanying workspace has a managed server the way our other Java EE courses do, and students can deploy, test, and even debug on the integrated server
  • Loaded the early chapters with more working examples, so students see WSDL-to-Java, Java-to-WSDL, SAAJ, and RESTful alternatives nice and early
  • Balanced the course material more evenly between WSDL-driven and Java-driven projects -- and we show all techniques in both annotation and XML forms
  • Improved the built-in SOAPPad testing tool with a new command-line interface, so that all services can be tested using prepared scripts right in the project space (from DOS or Eclipse)
  • Pulled two topics which can be distracting when covered too soon -- exception handling and deployment metadata -- to their own chapters later in the course
  • Expanded the treatment of message handlers, which has been a point of curiosity in many deliveries

This brings 561 into synch with the recently released Course 563, "Developing RESTful Services in Java," and we are also making a new blend of the SOAP/JAX-WS and REST/JAX-RS material available as the standard Course 564. This gives students a good range of options for pursuing web services skills: a simple overview, or a "deep dive" into SOAP- or REST-oriented technology, or a little of both.

Curriculum diagram