November 28, 2011

Java Programming Courses Updated to Java 7

Today Capstone releases complete Java-7 updates to each of its primary Java programming courses, from intro to advanced level training.

This update has given us the opportunity to cover several interesting new language features -- variously in the different levels of courseware, but all the below are represented somewhere in the curriculum:

  • New binary literals and optional syntax for integer literals
  • switching on String values
  • try-with-resources -- perhaps the most important new language feature in Java 7
  • Implicit type parameters

And we've done some general sprucing up and enhancement on each course in the process; especially, note the new sections on use of thread pools in Course 106. All four products work with JDK 7 and/or Eclipse Indigo SR1. For a better understanding of the relationships between our different Java offerings, please take a look at our Java Curriculum Guide.