December 6, 2011

REST and JAX-RS on Tomcat 7

Our popular course on RESTful web services with JAX-RS is now available in a variant dedicated to the Tomcat web server. As of version 7, Tomcat supports Servlets 3.0, and this is critical to full support of JAX-RS. Clients familiar with Tomcat can now pursue RESTful service development directly and without compromise.

Course 563-T includes an overview of web services on the Java EE 6 platform -- JAX-WS and SAAJ as well as JAX-RS -- an introduction to JAXB, and then a deeper dive into JAX-RS.

We have also created a Tomcat version, Course 560-T, of our one-day overview of Java web services on Java EE 6. Both courses are available for immediate shipment.

This accompanies today's separate release of an update to our course on Design Patterns Using Java.