February 16, 2012

New Courses on JPA2 and Hibernate

Capstone today releases a comprehensive new course on the Java Persistence API, or JPA, version 2.0. The course runs from introductory to advanced JPA topics, and is available in two variants:

Pharmacy schema diagram

Both variants support Derby and Oracle® databases, with full DDL scripts for both and all combinations of JPA provider and RDBMS vendor cross-tested.

Course authors Edward Rayl and Tia Gustaff Rayl have worked tirelessly to develop two significant case studies to support course exercises. They originally built the Pharmacy schema for an open-source pharmaceutical project, and have prepared a version of the schema -- and JPA2 entity and facade layers -- for classroom use. This gives us a rich object model and data set to support study of later topics in the course, such as:

  • Inheritance mapping strategies
  • Composite primary-key implementation strategies
  • Cascading and detach/merge scenarios
  • Criteria and Metamodel APIs
  • Entity Lifecycle and event callback methods
  • Bean Validation per JSR 303

The authors have also gone to great lengths to investigate the thornier issues encountered in JPA implementation. The resulting course is not only detailed but highly practical, with many provider quirks exposed and explained and more than a few pearls of wisdom regarding best practices and portable approaches to mapping and querying.

With a consistent technical approach, and shared schema and examples, these courses also line up nicely with our SQL and JDBC courses -- or, consider either 161 or 161-HB in tandem with Servlets/JSP or JSF courseware for a powerhouse treatment of modern Java EE development.

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