August 9, 2012

Intermediate and Accelerated Android Courses

We are thrilled today to release two additional courses on Android development: Course 252, Intermediate Android Development and Course 255, Android Development. This completes our initial effort to provide a solid body of Android programming courseware, following the release last month of our Introductory Android course.

The introductory and intermediate courses follow a single, consistent track, even sharing one large lab image. We expect this to make customization between the two simple and seamless. And, in Course 252, we get to a lot of the fun stuff! including

  • Networking and consumption of RESTful web services
  • Threading techniques
  • Android services
  • Multimedia and integration of the camera
  • Location and maps

The Insurance case study in particular (see our prior news release for more) comes into its own, using in fact all of the techniques listed above. This primary case study offers an example of a robust mobile development effort, going beyond API-driven programming to meet practical challenges such as offline use, effective threading, asynchronous notifications, and server synchronization.

Flights screenshotsThe accelerated Course 255 provides a path for students and groups who have limited available training time but want exposure to the popular sorts of topics found in the intermediate course. While we will generally recommend the full nine-day intro+intermediate path, we expect the market will drive many more accelerated Android trainings and have prepared Course 255 carefully to support that requirement.

And whether delivering the intro, intermediate, or accelerated materials, instructors will have the common lab image deployed in the classroom. This makes it easy to go off-book as necessary, to explore and demonstrate working code to students who are interested in a topic that lies outside the original training plan. There are 20 distinct Android application projects, ranging from tiny proofs of concept to the really quite burly Insurance application, the flights booking app shown at right, and some of their more muscular friends. Many of these occur in multiple steps to make up no less than 23 coding demonstrations, 21 lab exercises, and 88 working examples. We promise -- students won't lack for something to do!

All materials are available for immediate shipping. Please contact Capstone with questions or courseware orders, or to request evaluation copies.