October 11, 2012

Spring 3.1 Courses

Capstone today releases a major update to its popular curriculum on the Spring framework, with courses now covering Spring 3.1. This includes courses on Spring Core, Web/MVC, and Persistence modules:

  • Course 117 introduces the Spring framework as a whole, and then goes deep on the Core module, inversion-of-control container, dependency injection, validation, and general configuration capabilities.
  • Course 117A includes all the Course-117 material and then gives a similarly in-depth treatment of web-application development using Spring MVC. This module has seen the broadest changes, being more or less completely rewritten to embrace fully the Spring-3 @RequestMapping approach to controller development. This course also includes coverage of Spring persistence, including JDBC templates and transaction control over JDBC and JPA persistence operations.
  • Course 117B includes the Core and Persistence modules, and so focuses on persistence, with just a brief tour of Spring MVC to support labs at the end of the course that show end-to-end solutions with web controllers triggering transaction-managed persistence operations -- again, with JDBC and with JPA (and Hibernate 4 as the provider).

All three courses are available now. Course 117B makes an especially nice pairing with our JPA/Hibernate Course 161-HB.