April 2, 2013

New Course on Android Security

As part of today's comprehensive update to its Android curriculum, Capstone Courseware today releases the new Course 256, Android Security. This informative one-day course offers a fresh look at the Android operating system from the perspectives of both user and enterprise security, and gives the Android developer a clear sense of best practices and pitfalls in application development.

The course moves from an overview of the operating system and its security features through high-level considerations, "do's and don'ts," and offers hands-on exercises in securing existing Android applications against possible hacks -- which hacks they can carry out using prepared, simulated malware operating on the Android device or emulator. In this way students get a concrete understanding of concerns and techniques including:

  • File-system security
  • Injection and cross-site attacks
  • Inter-process attacks
  • Custom permissions
  • Login practices
  • Cryptography and network communications

Course 256 and the whole Android-4.2 curriculum are available immediately.