February 26, 2014

Two New Courses on Developing RESTful Web Services

Capstone today releases two new courses on frameworks for developing RESTful web services. The first is a major update to Course 563, Developing RESTful Services in Java that takes students through the ins and outs of JAX-RS 2.0. The standard has taken a leap forward, and we cover exciting new features, including:

  • Message validation with JSR-303
  • Filters and interceptors
  • The new RESTful client API

The course has also expanded -- it is now a full week, up from three days of training in the previous version -- to give more consideration to important topics and practices:

  • Dependency injection
  • Error handling
  • Design and implementation patterns for CRUD operations
  • Generic service and client implementations
  • JAX-RS and JPA
  • Security

The course is initially available in variants for Tomcat and GlassFish. We have been waiting on the release of WildFly 8.0, and though it came out a bit too late for us to include it in the initial release, we will be making a WildFly variant of the course available as soon as possible.

Also out today is the new Course 117E, Developing RESTful Services with Spring. In this course we consider how to use the Spring MVC framework for REST, rather than for web applications, and see some of the modifications and enhancements that have come about in recent versions to put Spring more in tune with REST. The course also includes treatment of the Spring core and persistence modules, and a bit on testing and testability of REST controllers and persistence components.

We're releasing Course 117E now, to work with Spring 3.1, which aligns with our current Spring offerings generally. There have been enhancements in Spring 3.2 and of course Spring 4. We are looking ahead to a comprehensive update to Spring 4 for the whole curriculum, so 117E will move ahead in step with Courses 117, 117A, 117B, and 117D at that time.