March 11, 2015

Advanced Java, Patterns, and Testing in Java 8

Capstone's move into Java 8 continues with today's release of two updated courses, and a new course.

Course 106, Advanced Java Programming, is updated to Java 8 and expanded to include several new topics:

  • Coverage of I/O streams has moved here from Course 103 (whence it was kicked out in favor of new material on Java-8 functional programming).
  • There is a new chapter on the Java-8 Time API.
  • What was a single chapter is now expanded into two separate chapters on threads and concurrency.
  • There is a new chapter on dynamic proxies.
  • Several chapters at the end of the course offer an introduction to unit testing with JUnit, test-driven development, and mocking with Mockito.

Course 192, Design Patterns in Java, is updated to Java 8 and expanded with a new introductory chapter and several new demos and labs. Most of the new exercises illustrate the impact of Java-8 functional programming on certain patterns, such as Observer and Adapter.

And, say hello to the new kid: Course 191, Introduction to Java Testing, provides a two-day introduction to JUnit, good practices in writing tests, test-driven development, and mocking with Mockito; along with an overview of concerns and strategies for testing Java-EE components.

All courses are built for Oracle's JDK 8 and Eclipse Luna, and support both command-line and Eclipse usage on both Windows and Mac OS. All three are available immediately.