August 4, 2015

Spring Core and REST Courses for Spring 4.1

Capstone Courseware today announces the release of major updates to two of its Spring courses: Course 117 on the Spring Core, and Course 117E on developing REST web services with Spring MVC. REST has grown tremendously in the last few years, and Spring MVC has evolved to support it, with new features for multiple JSON representations, unit testing, and more.

Courses 117 and 117E are updated to Spring 4.1, and content has been expanded to include these new framework features. The most notable changes are ...

  • A new chapter on implementing services as Java generics, taking advantage of @RequestMapping annotation inheritance
  • A new chapter on @JsonView and multiple representations of Java classes
  • Coverage of the @RestController annotation
  • Updated units on Spring persistence and transaction control, including both TransactionTemplate and @Transactional approaches, and explorations of transaction isolation and propagation
  • Updated coverage of unit testing for REST services, including the new MockMvc system that allows unit tests to cover the @RequestMapping annotations as well as the POJO method implementations

Both 117 and 117E are available now in their 4.1 incarnations, and other courses in Capstone's Spring lineup will be following shortly.