November 24, 2015

Spring Web and Persistence Courses for Spring 4.2

Capstone today releases Spring-4 updates to its courses on "Spring-MVC Web Applications" and "Java Persistence with Spring." Both courses incorporate the latest features of the Spring framework:

  • Java @Configuration classes and @Bean methods that can control finer points of context configuration with annotations such as @Order and @Lazy
  • MVC features through either <mvc:annotation-driven> or @EnableWebMvc, and annotation-based input binding, validation using JSR-303, and error handling
  • Programmatic transaction control through PlatformTransactionManager or TransactionTemplate
  • <tx:annotation-driven> or @EnableTransactionManagement for declarative transaction control

We have also taken the opportunity to expand coverage, especially in the area of unit testing using the Spring testing framework:

  • Use of the new MockMvc system for unit-testing MVC controllers so as to cover their @RequestMapping annotations as well as their method code
  • Test-managed transactions to allow in-transaction observation of post-conditions, and to assure automatic rollback of test operations

Both courses are available immediately, and join our "Introduction to Spring" and "Developing REST Services with Spring" courses at the Spring-4 level.