August 8, 2016

Updated and expanded JPA Courses

Capstone today releases updates to its two popular JPA courses -- The Java Persistence API and JPA with Hibernate. Both are updated to JPA 2.1 and expanded with new coverage and features:

  • JPA type converters
  • Support for stored procedures
  • JPQL and Criteria updates and deletes
  • Best practices for persistence components
  • Expanded coverage of locking strategies
  • Expanded coverage of caching and cache control

Another pair of courses makes its debut today, as well: these are Java EE Persistence and Java EE Persistence with Hibernate. Each of these mirrors the early path of the corresponding JPA course, above; and then moves into practical concerns unique to the Java-EE environment, with hands-on exercises deploying and managing applications in application servers (GlassFish and WildFly, respectively). This gives students the opportunity to learn techniques not available in a simple Java-SE environment:

  • Configuring to server-hosted data sources
  • Dependency injection
  • Container-managed transactions
  • Control of transaction propagation

All four courses are available immediately.