Tool Setup Instructions

EclipseGalileo with the GlassFish Server, Version 2.1

If the course you are setting up requires EclipseGalileo_GlassFish 2.1, follow these instructions to set it up on the student and instructor machines. If you have questions, please contact your courseware vendor.

First, click the link below and download the Windows ZIP archive for Eclipse Galileo for Java EE Developers:

Eclipse Galileo for Java EE Developers

Unzip the archive to the c:\ root: this will create a tree of files in c:\eclipse.

Run c:\eclipse\eclipse.exe; you'll see the splash screen, and it will take a minute or so to initialize the IDE.

Eclipse splash screen

Then you'll see the a dialog asking you to select a workspace. Just leave the default and click OK.

Choose Help | Install New Software ... from the top-level menu. You'll see a dialog box. Click the Add ... button:

Install new software dialog

Choose any name you like, and enter https://ajax.dev.java.net/eclipse as the location. Click OK.

Add download site dialog

After a moment you'll see the main listbox in the dialog fill up with three available plugins. You only need one of them, so check the box next to Glassfish Java EE 5 and Java, and click Next.

Choosing the Glassfish plugin

Eclipse will stop to think for a moment:

Progress bar

Review and verify that this is the tool you want to plug in, and click Next.

Confirm plugin

Review and affirm the license agreements, and click Finish:

Accept license agreements

The install process will commence ...

Install in progress

You will be warned that the download is not digitally signed -- click OK:

Warning about no digital signature

The plugin process will complete. Do restart Eclipse, either on your own or by letting Eclipse do it now. The test below will only succeed after the suggested restart.

Restart message box

To test the installation, when Eclipse restarts, again choose the default workspace, and then choose File | New | Other ... from the top-level menu. In the dialog that opens, choose Server / Server: you should see the GlassFish 2.1 Java EE 5 option in the list as shown below.

GlassFish server option

You don't need to create the server profile, as our workspaces have one built in. The plugin is now in position to support those workspaces! So just cancel out and close Eclipse.