Tool Setup Instructions

Java Platform, Standard Edition JDK, Version 7

If the course you are setting up requires JDK 7, follow these instructions to set it up on the student and instructor machines. If you have questions, please contact your courseware vendor.

The JDK is a free download from Oracle®. Navigate to:


Accept the license agreement as prompted, and choose the appropriate download -- Windows x86 or 64-bit. Downloaded file anywhere on the local machine (or on a shared drive, USB memory stick, etc.).

Run the installer and follow its instructions: perform a complete install of the JDK. The installer will first allow you to choose the JDK path: set this to c:\Java7.

Later during the install, you'll be given an option to select the install path for the public Java runtime. Leave this at its default value; do not set it to c:\Java7, or you will overwrite the JDK itself!

After the installation is complete, set an environment variable JAVA_HOME to c:\Java7.

Add c:\Java7\bin to the beginning of the executable path, so that tools in that directory can be run from any working directory.

(If system permissions make it impossible to add this directory to the beginning of the path, it's usually okay to add it to the end. There is some risk that another Java version will be in the path prior to the one you just installed, but on clean machine setups this is unlikely.)

Test the environment by opening a command console in some directory other than JAVA_HOME, and entering the following command; you should get the response shown:

javac -version

javac 1.7.0

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