Tool Setup Instructions

Oracle RDBMS, Version 9i or 10g

If the course you are setting up requires Oracle 9i or 10g, follow these instructions to set it up on the student and instructor machines. If you have questions, please contact your courseware vendor.

Our courses do not require an installation of the Enterprise version of the Oracle database. Instead we recommend that you use Oracle XE, as the installation is faster and less error prone. An additional benefit is that Oracle XE requires no licensing costs and the memory footprint is smaller.

During Oracle installation you will be prompted for the passwords for "SYS" and "SYSTEM" accounts. In order for the scripts that are bundled with our lab software to work in class, the password for the username "SYSTEM" must be "system". If the password is not "system", you will have to modify c:\Capstone\JDBC\Demos\SQL\oracle\createdb.bat accordingly. Remember, Oracle passwords are encrypted and there is no way to display them. Be sure to notify the instructor of any changes you might make.

Once the Oracle installation is complete, verify the OracleOraHomexxTNSListener and OracleServicexxxx services are started. Other Oracle services may be stopped and Startup set to Manual for this course.

Oracle JDBC drivers can be downloaded from the following location:


The Oracle Database 10g JDBC driver can be used for either the Oracle 9i or Oracle 10g database. Alternatively, the JDBC driver can be found in <ORACLE_HOME>\jdbc\lib. After downloading, please copy ojdbc14.jar to c:\Capstone\JDBC\lib.