Tool Setup Instructions

Spring IDE, Version 2.2

If the course you are setting up requires SpringIDE 2.2, follow these instructions to set it up on the student and instructor machines. If you have questions, please contact your courseware vendor.

First, note that Spring IDE requires Eclipse Ganymede and WTP 3. Click the link below and download the Windows ZIP archive for Eclipse for Java EE Developers:

Eclipse for Java EE Develpers

Unzip the archive to the c:\ root: this will create a tree of files in c:\eclipse.

Run c:\eclipse\eclipse.exe; you'll see the splash screen, and it will take a minute or so to initialize the IDE.

Eclipse splash screen

Then you'll see the a dialog asking you to select a workspace. Just leave the default and click OK, and you'll see the main IDE window and various child windows and panels.

Choose Help | Software Updates ... from the top-level menu. You'll see a dialog box. Choose the Available Software tab.

Software Updates and Add-ons dialog

Click the Add Site ... button.

Add Site dialog

Ask Eclipse to scan http://dist.springframework.org/release/IDE. You'll see a tree of Spring IDE plugins:

Spring IDE plugins

From the updated list of plugin features, choose the Spring IDE Core and the WebFlow Extension.

Click Install ...

Progress Information screen

Install confirmation

Click Next.

Accept the license agreement, and click Finish. The installation will take a few moments ...


... and then you'll be prompted to restart Eclipse.

Restart prompt

Click Yes and let Eclipse restart.

To test the installation, when Eclipse restarts, again choose the default workspace, and then choose File | New | Other ... from the top-level menu. In the dialog that opens, you'll see a list of possible object types that can be created, and thanks to the Spring IDE installation, there will be a Spring category:

New Spring object types

Close Eclipse.