Tool Setup Instructions

XML Validator Application, Version 1.0.6

If the course you are setting up requires XML Validator 1.0.6, follow these instructions to set it up on the student and instructor machines. If you have questions, please contact your courseware vendor.

The XML Validator requires the Java runtime, version 1.4. If you do not have a 1.4 JRE installed already, start by following separate setup instructions for the J2RE version 1.4.2, found here:


Then get the XML Validator application here:


Create a directory c:\Capstone\XMLTools, and unpack the contents of the archive there. (Note: it is not a problem to install this and the XML Transformer application in the same directory, if you are using both tools. They share a few files, so whichever one you install second, you'll see a prompt to overwrite existing files: you can answer yes or no, and it will work either way.)

Add this directory to the executable path.

A good test of your installation is to run the tool with no arguments, as shown below — you should see a usage statement as follows:

Usage: java oi.tools.XML.SAXValidator <command> <XML filename>
  parse          Parse, no validation
  validate       Parse and validate against DTD or Schema (auto-detect)
  validateSchema Parse and validate against XML Schema
                 Also use this command to validate a schema document
  validateDTD    Parse and validate against DTD

Instructors, see the file c:\Capstone\XMLTools\XMLValidator.html for brief instructions on the use of the two scripts — parse and validate.